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Individual interviews were filmed at the Empower meeting Dec13, 2012 They can be viewed in their entirety by copying and pasting the url of these youtube videos. Millie Donna Madril 1 Donna…

Tradeswomen Posters created at the Long Beach Lesbian and Gay Center in Long Beach in 2000-10

My name is Evan Serrill and I am a union sheet metal apprentice. I am a member of Local 16 in Portland, Oregon and have been in the trade for 13 months. Prior to beginning my apprenticeship in October, 2011, I was a non-union residential house…

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Newspaper article from The Oregonian

This is my certificate of completion for RoadMaster. I currently hold a class A license with a passenger, air brakes, and tankers endorcements.

My name is Christina Valentine, and I am an Electrician, Inside Wireman. I was accepted into the union program, Local 48 Portland Oregon, in July of 1979.Ive been an electrician for 33 years.This picture is of my "Lock out Tag out" tag that I used at…

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Jean Parks has been a plumber since the early 1980's. This photo is a recent picture, taken about 2006, at the Port of Oakland.

Two sisters are interviewed for the film Transnational Tradeswomen at construction site where they work as laborers.
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