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Nancy Donaldson - Sheet Metal Worker - Local # 104
This is called punching the deck. Its a weighted bar, that you side inside metal tubing, sharp point on the edge breaks hole into metal decking. Its a work out in itself, and usually you punch…

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Jamie Hopkins - Sheet Metal Worker - Local # 104 working lifting units on roof by helicopter lift.

Sheet Metal lady working on scafoling in San Francisco, CA

Evan talks about her beautiful hardworking hands

Evan explains to reporter Andrea Castillo of the Oregonian how she got into the trade and how the apprenticeship works. She also talks about how Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc. helped her find her path.

My name is Evan Serrill and I am a union sheet metal apprentice. I am a member of Local 16 in Portland, Oregon and have been in the trade for 13 months. Prior to beginning my apprenticeship in October, 2011, I was a non-union residential house…

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"Handy Woman", 24" x 30", oil on carved wood. Original painted wood carving by Evan N. Serrill, artist, sheet metal apprentice, member of Local 16, Portland, OR.

Sarah Velez showing her welded practice coupon. NOR CAL Sheetmetal Union LOCAL #104
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