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Evan talks about her beautiful hardworking hands

Evan explains to reporter Andrea Castillo of the Oregonian how she got into the trade and how the apprenticeship works. She also talks about how Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc. helped her find her path.


My name is Christina Valentine, and I am an Electrician, Inside Wireman. I was accepted into the union program, Local 48 Portland Oregon, in July of 1979.Ive been an electrician for 33 years.This picture is of my "Lock out Tag out" tag that I used at…

Renee Beaudoin explains how she found out about working in construction and joined the Carpenter's union. Her journey involved finding the trade while incarcerated, then going through Oregon Tradeswomen Inc. pre-apprenticeship.

Kinitha talks about the work she did before getting into the apprenticeship, the work she does now, the challenges of being a single mom working and going to school, as well as the help Oregon Tradeswomen Inc. gave her. ((this might take a bit of…
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