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Electric Women began meeting in around 1984, as an informal support group, and met off and on informally through about 2004. The group was based on the membership of women electricians in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, IBEW…

Victoria King came to our Electric Women meeting to speak to us about her experiences in the trades as well as her work as an attorney. She had a strong impact on our members, speaking about what she went through as an electrical apprentice in the…

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Lynn Shaw put this book together using interviews of and presentations of tradeswomen, and the drawings and comments of children who heard them speak.

This is the proposal Lynn wrote for the Victor Reuther Memorial Award Fellowship that helped give her the opportunity to work with Electric Women and strengthen the tradeswomen's movement in Los Angeles.

Madeline Mixer has been working to help open up opportunities for women in the trades since the early 1970's. She was influential in getting the California Apprenticeship Council to set goals to bring women into the trade apprenticeships in 1975.…
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