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I became an apprentice Ironworker in May of 1996 and I became a Journeyman in June of 2000. As of this date, November 8, 2014, I have been a member of Local 63 for 18 years and am currently traveling (booming out) with my husband (also an…

Building the "Wizarding World of Harry Potter", Universal Studios Hollywood. 2014

rgb:happy to pour.jpg
Standing on the wall I just set up and poured.


Still grinding and finishing concrete at 55. I started doing concrete in 1976 at 17 years old. I am 5 feet weigh 100 lbs and I believe women are capable of anything they put their minds to. In 1976 there were no sexual harassment laws..not that I…

First Mother-Daughter Ironworkers in the United States!!??

Jan Postlewait Jenson discovered she couldn’t raise a daughter
on minimum wage after a divorce in 1974, so when a powerhouse
started in central North Dakota in 1975, she started…

Scan 1.tiff
Jamie Hopkins; lifting unit, by helicopter air lift.

UK: First NICEIC female principle duty holder

Ted Stevens international airport Anchorage Alaska summer of 2010 drove this "lizard" or heavy hauler for Quality Asphalt & Paving its a 773 rock truck which they added a 5th wheel to attach a B70 trailer more power & more trailer for heavy hauls. My…

Nancy Donaldson - Sheet Metal Worker - Local # 104
This is called punching the deck. Its a weighted bar, that you side inside metal tubing, sharp point on the edge breaks hole into metal decking. Its a work out in itself, and usually you punch…

Scan 1.tiff
Jamie Hopkins - Sheet Metal Worker - Local # 104 working lifting units on roof by helicopter lift.

Sheet Metal lady working on scafoling in San Francisco, CA

Rosalie on the chipping gun March 2012.jpg
My name is Rosalie Demetzky. I have been in the Laborers Union for going on 25 years. This is a picture of me in Perth Amboy, NJ on the chipping gun. Mind you before this job I had never run a chipping gun. I not only learned it at age 51 but…

Donna works off of a lift at power plant in Los Angeles.

Individual interviews were filmed at the Empower meeting Dec13, 2012 They can be viewed in their entirety by copying and pasting the url of these youtube videos. Millie Donna Madril 1 Donna…

Tradeswomen Posters created at the Long Beach Lesbian and Gay Center in Long Beach in 2000-10

Laborers Union 252.

I joined the Shipscalers Union July 26th 1974. I went to work for Todd Shipyard on Harbor Island as a Laborer. The Shipscaler Union was taken over by the Laborers Union, local 252, sometime in the late 70's early 80's. I had…


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