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Kathryn Merritt

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Kathryn Merritt is a freelance carpenter, general contractor, trades teacher, and much more. She's contributed many items to Tradeswomen Archives since our workshop at Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc. in Portland November 2012.

Kathryn talks about how she started working as a carpenter.

Kathryn Merritt gifts<br />

Her dad gave her tools for her birthday when she said she wanted to go into the trades.

Kathryn Merritt Calamity Jane

After she got some experience working with the tools, she decided to join a women's contracting company, Calamity Jane.

Kathryn Merritt Great Kate 1

She moved to Portland and soon started her own company, Great Kate.

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Kathryn Merritt 21
But that was after she went to Swaziland to teach carpentry.