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Betty Kendall

Betty Kendall with volt-ammeter

Betty Kendall holds her grandmother's volt-ammeter, a tool her grandmother used to fix tractors in Indiana.

Betty Kendall studied automotive mechanics at Portland Community College from 1974 to 1976 while her husband finished medical school training. She was a first in many ways, including being named the first woman in the country to become certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence as a master mechanic. In her photo she holds a volt-ammemter that her grandmother used to fix tractor motors back in Indiana. Listen to her videos to hear some of her story and copy and paste the link below. At the time of the interview, Betty was 83, and the interview took place at Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc. in Portland


Betty talks about how her grandmother was typical of many women living on farms--women who had to be able to fix dinner and tractor motors!


Betty talks about studying automechanics and getting her first jobs.


Betty describes the kind of work she did before studying auto mechanics.